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Will bleaching harm my teeth?

The answer is NO!

But it can cause chemical burns to the gums if they are not isolated adequately. It can also make teeth a little more sensitive during the bleaching phase.

Teeth with active caries are exposed and should not be bleached until dental treatment has been completed.

Traditional power bleaching was banned in November 2012 in the UK and has been relaunched at a lower concentration. Sadly, there were a lot of unlicensed people carrying out bleaching procedures and as a result, there were a few mishaps resulting in a ban of bleaching products over a certain strength.         Thankfully, unlicensed persons are now banned from carrying out dental bleaching and the supply of bleaching products are more regulated in order to keep an effective procedure safe for you.

Make sure that the person you allow to whiten your teeth is registered with the General Dental Council and that they are practicing as either a Dentist, a Dental Therapist or a Dental Hygienist.


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