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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a conservative and effective technique to giving you a WOW! smile. A beautiful, bright smile always compliments your looks and gives you more confidence.

Bleaching always works, but some teeth need more bleaching than other teeth.

When I look at teeth, I categorize them as either yellow or grey shades ( I refer to the undertone of the tooth). The yellow shades usually bleach really well whereas the grey shades need a lot more effort.

Be aware that stains and opacities in teeth do not disappear with bleaching and in some cases can become more highlighted. The reason for this is that bleach lightens the colour of dentin thus making the tooth look “brighter from within”

There is either power bleaching (done in-surgery) or home bleaching. They both work really well  but for long term results a take home kit is required for 8-12 weekly top-ups.

Power bleaching appeals to patients, but to be really effective, a home course initially to pre-treat the teeth followed by in-surgery bleaching yields great results. Patients in the grey shade category should only persevere with home bleaching and results will be achieved after prolonged use.


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